About Us

TAWONA WORKSPACES provides serviced offices, workstations and meeting/conference rooms, in Nigeria for business clients that need a prestigious business environment to work. We also offer different levels of business support services to enable our clients work as efficiently as their businesses require at very affordable costs.

TAWONA offers new businesses the opportunity to work from a professional office environment and use experienced support staff at a fraction of what it would cost them to maintain a full-scale office all year round. Tawona's clients choose only the type and level of services they require.

Our typical clientele has business to conduct in the host city from time-to-time, but do not need permanent workspaces. However, we also provide permanent workspaces to clients who need workspaces on a permanent basis but want to avoid high administrative, equipment, and other costs.

At TAWONA, we know that our clients are the very reason why we are in business, therefore, we treat them like royalties. Our team is comprised of a highly disciplined, efficient and pleasant individual. Thus, whether you are in our offices, workstations, meeting rooms or in our posh vehicles with our drivers, your royal treatment continues. Our team is committed to establishing and maintaining a reputation for excellent service standards while ensuring that our rates remain competitive.